Lucca, Italy

Lucca, Italy

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Lucca Italy

Lucca is a city and commune in Tuscany. Its long history goes back to Etruscan and Ancient Roman times, and the city retains pieces of Ancient architecture. Lucca's great era was in the Gothic era just before the Renaissance, and the city contains much marvelous architecture from that era. Lucca's current defensive walls were designed by Leonardo Da Vinci and were never breached. Lucca remained an independent city state until the end of the 18th century. The church of San Frediano is the only example of Lombard architecture preserved without notable alteration, excepting the façade, which is of the year 1200. S. Maria foris Portam, S. Michele, S. Romano, and the other churches all possess valuable works of art. The tomb of the Lucchese poet, Guidiccioni, is in the church of S. Francesco (quattrocento). The Case Guinigi and the Guinigi Tower represent a marvellous example of Medieaval architecture in Lucca. The Case Guinigi were a group of mansions and towers where one of the most important families of the town, the Guinigi, lived. The enormous and beautifully conserved villas and gardens of the Lucca hills have become a major attraction for visitors to the town.
Recommended airport
Pisa Airport (PSA)
Points of interest
  • Anfiteatro Square
  • Auditorium San Romano
  • Villa Bottini
Nearby destinations
  • Pisa a 15.57 km
  • Tuscany a 44.92 km
  • Livorno a 35.21 km
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