Volterra, Italy

Volterra, Italy

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Volterra Italy

Volterra is a municipality in the province of Pisa, in the region of Tuscany, Italy. The found sites know that in the Neolithic period, Volterra was already inhabited by humans. The municipality was witness to the birth of the Etruscan civilization. And the city was one of the main cities of the "Etruscan League", by that reason was surrounded by 7 km of solid walls. In the year 283 BC, the Romans defeated the Etruscans at the battle of Lake Vadimone and a few years later becomes part of the Italian Confederation, changing its name to the Volaterrae. So the city has interesting places to visit such as the ruins of Velathri, the famous Porta allArco within its walled enclosure of the necropolis and Etruscan era, as well as the Cathedral of the XII-XIII-XIV centuries.
Recommended airport
Pisa Airport (PSA)
Points of interest
  • Porcellino Tower
  • Port and Source of Docciola
  • Fonte e porta san Felice
Nearby destinations
  • Siena a 38.58 km
  • Tuscany a 20.62 km
  • Livorno a 48.02 km
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